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"As a Licensed Professional Counselor with intense studies regarding families, it is my mission to help clients improve their emotional well being, enhance their intimate relationships and inspire a sense of hope when all else seems hopeless."

Jessica L. Rogers, MA, LPC

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Counseling might seem costly or even time consuming, but is there really a cost that you can place on your happiness or wellness? If you're weighing the cost and time needed for counseling against marital breakdown, relationship tension, depression, poor anger management, or anxiety that is plaguing you day to day or week to week, or even year to year, the cost may not seem to be such a blockade. Consider also the legal fees or the emotional costs that will fall to your family in the case of divorce or a fight for custody to determine who gets the children for the most amount of time or how you will endure the extra expenses and time management of being a single parent.


Problem Low Cost Average Cost High Cost Emotional Cost
Divorce $1,500 $15,000     $40,000+ High
Drinking &
$2,000   $4,000    $24,000+ High
Truancy $500
(per case)
Individual Counseling $900
(8 sessions,
2 assessments)
(16 sessions,
2 assessments)
(32 sessions,
2 assessments)

When you take a hard look at these factors, counseling doesn't look so expensive. What is it worth to you to have your relationship repaired, to have a better understanding of your teen, to have depression or anxiety lifted, or to learn to love yourself more completely? How would you like to be free of that secret, addiction, or problem that's been taunting you, robbing you of your joy, and confidence? It's time to invest in changing your life. Contact Solutions Counseling today so we can begin working on a solution and a specific plan for you. We are here to help!